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Amino acids

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At BIG, our specialty sports nutrition store offers a selection of amino acids and complexes vital for optimal body function.

The Significance of Amino Acids

To maintain the body’s normal function, especially for athletes, a complete supply of amino acids is essential. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, vital for the structure of body tissues, including muscles. Often, daily diets, no matter how diverse, fall short in providing the necessary amino acids essential for muscle maintenance and growth. As a result, supplementing with amino acids becomes necessary to fulfill these specific needs.

Numerous sports nutrition products encompass various amino acids, each offering distinct effects:

  • BCAA, such as leucine, directly impact protein synthesis.
  • Glutamine fosters muscle growth, prevents breakdown, and supports the body’s defenses.
  • Arginine aids in increasing nitric oxide synthesis, enhancing blood flow.
  • Ornithine contributes to insulin and growth hormone production.
  • Carnitine plays a role in fatty acid transport and energy generation.
  • Taurine supports muscle growth and diminishes fatigue.
  • Tyrosine enhances cognitive function and stress relief.
  • Beta-alanine contributes to carnosine production.
  • Histidine supports tissue growth and repair.
  • Cysteine aids collagen formation.
  • Citrulline aids in ammonia and lactic acid removal, participating in arginine production.

Amino Acids in Yerevan

At BIG, we offer a comprehensive range of amino acids, both individually and in complex forms. Our diverse selection enables everyone to choose the best supplements tailored to their goals.

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