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Fat burners

Fat burners are a form of sports nutrition designed to decrease excessive body fat. They aid in
reducing body weight, enhancing muscle definition, improving focus during physical exercise,
and facilitating easier training.

The main mechanisms of action of fat burners are to stimulate metabolism in the body, reduce
appetite, decrease the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from the digestive tract, block fat
storage in adipose tissue, and remove excess fluid. Essentially, fat burners speed up the
breakdown of fat molecules and convert them into free energy, increasing their consumption.

Fat burners are intended for individuals who exercise and desire to reduce their body fat. The
effectiveness of fat burners is observed during physical exercise when combined with an
appropriate diet. If fat burners are not used in conjunction with training and a proper diet, their
effectiveness will be significantly diminished. Therefore, the significance of using fat burners is
greatly reduced for individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle and not following a diet.